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Investing was somehow left to only those with access to information; Axalio democratises this and makes it accessible to anyone with as little as $ 10 dollar.
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Enabling smart investments to our community members presenting them with the world’s best opportunities through the platform both for traditional and digital assets or blockchain based financial markets, for crypto and non-crypto investors.
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Your funds and digital assets are fully insured up to a value of 100 thousand dollars with our partners who ensure the safety of your capital
Axalio - Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

We offer you the best global investment opportunities that previously were left to only those with the know-how of the financial markets. With Axalio, everyone now has access to the best selected investment opportunities that will suit every investor risk level and appetite
Axalio - Traditional & Cryptos Markets

Traditional & Cryptos Markets

Traditional financial markets remain an extremely valuable market amidst the evolution of the cryptocurrencies. We offer you access to both cryptocurrency and blockchain based investment opportunities as well as access to traditional investment opportunities. Get access to the best of both markets and invest instantly

Co-Venture Investments

Become a co-venture capitalist with as little as USD 100 and co invest in the best projects that have the potential to yield great returns. Invest in a digital future. Diversify your portfolio by investing in mining, Agri-based projects, real estate, healthcare & insurance, FinTech & crypto related projects.

Social Impact & Sustainable Investments

Let’s make money part of the solution to our environment by investing in truly sustainable projects and contribute towards saving and protecting our future, empowering communities, and contribute towards poverty eradication as part of the world’s sustainable development goals.

Wealth & Portfolio Management

Axalio provides professional and other qualified investors a dedicated service to managing your wealth and creating an investment portfolio that suits your financial needs, lifestyle and medium to long-term investment strategy. Engage with our experts to know how we can structure your investment requirements and help you achieve your goals.

Axalio Digital Gold coming soon 2022

Soon you will have the ability to own fractional digital shares indexed directly to the production of physical gold directly mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo with the aim to promote responsible gold sourcing, contribute towards improving artisanal mining conditions and turn them into small-scale mining and become a participant to a growing digital economy through Axalio

Our mission is clear

We’re building a world that includes Africa in the digital landscape of being able to do almost everything online by simplifying banking such as having one global regulated bank account, send and receive payments around the globe as easily as sending a text message, and most importantly provide access to some of the best global investment opportunities.


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