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We exist to simplify your access to every day banking solutions

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    Democratizing investment opportunities is our focus. Everyone should be able to access the world's greatest investment opportunities through Axalio.

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    Banking is broken and financial inclusion requires a different approach. Axalio simplifies banking by providing you ways to capitalise on your deposits while having access to other facilities

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    Easily and conveniently send and receive digital payments through Axalio. Get rewarded along the way as you share your experiences with others

A digital platform that gives you access to essential banking solutions!

1 - Send payments
Send Payments

Send and receive payments as easily as never before

2 - Withdraw funds
Withdraw Funds

Withdraw your earnings and payments into fiat or convert them to digital assets

3 - Transfer funds
Transfer Funds

Transfer funds between accounts or to other registered members of the platform

Built for everyone
4 - Invest & earn
Invest & Earn

Choose among the vast opportunities of investments to earn dividends depending on your risk profile

5 - Wallet
Multi-Currency Wallet

Have access to a multi-currency wallet that lets you convert your funds between wallets for your convenience

6 - Verification
Easy KYC / AML Verification

Submit your basic information for a fast and efficient onboarding process that lets you access the platform’s benefits and opportunities available

Get started in just a few minutes

Create an account

Start by registering your free account and follow the onboarding steps

Verify Identity

Once you have registered your account, let’s have a quick video call to verify your identity


You’re now ready to start investing, banking and send and receive payments through the Axalio financial super app!

Start investing with Axalio today

The Story of Axalio

They said that it could not be done –
well, we’ve done it anyway!
Follow us on this journey to see
how and why we have built Axalio

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