Empowering Ethical Sourcing for a Sustainable Future

Axalio connects global industries to a sustainable supply of critical minerals, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure transparency, ethical practices, and positive impact for artisanal miners and the planet

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The Future of Critical Minerals in Numbers

Discover key statistics shaping the future of critical minerals, from soaring demand to the impact of ethical mining.


Projected increase in demand for lithium and cobalt by 2050.


Market opportunity for ethically sourced minerals.


Proportion of the world's cobalt coming from small-scale mines.


Number of artisanal miners worldwide needing better working conditions.

How it Works

Our Approach

Axalio connects leading companies to a sustainable supply of critical minerals, ensuring transparency for small-scale miners and a positive impact on the planet.


Key Challenges in the Critical Minerals Supply Chain


Securing a stable supply of essential minerals is increasingly difficult due to soaring demand.


Ethical Sourcing

Traditional mining practices often lack transparency and exploit workers.

Ethical Sourcing

Environmental Impact

Mining activities frequently harm the environment, using harmful substances like mercury.



Lack of traceability in the supply chain makes it hard to ensure responsible sourcing.


Why Choose Axalio?


For Investors

Achieve robust returns while ensuring every dollar invested supports ethical sourcing and sustainability.


For Companies

Secure a reliable supply of critical minerals to meet production needs while upholding high social and environmental standards.


For Communities

Improve miners' livelihoods and promote environmental sustainability, sharing the benefits equitably.


Read real reviews from our satisfied customers

"This innovation is exactly what Africa needs to shape its own future. We must integrate our constraints and expectations more effectively than ever before, and Axalio’s approach makes this vital transformation possible for the entire continent."

Ted Insengingo
Managing Director,
InfraDev Africa

"Transitioning to Blockchain and Web 3, I’m thrilled by Axalio's potential. Their focus on RWA tokenization in the mining sector unlocks immense opportunities, revolutionizing the industry and driving sustainable growth. Axalio's innovations are truly groundbreaking."

Nehal Kushal
Former Corporate Strategy Officer Blockchain & Web 3 Enthusiast, UK

"Having faced significant losses in past commodity transactions, I am now confident that Axalio's blockchain solutions will safeguard my investments. Their innovative approach brings much-needed transparency and security to the market, ensuring I never face such risks again.”

Derrick Hodge
Entrepreneur, Ohio

"Axalio’s blockchain technology perfectly aligns with our mission of sustainable growth in the commodities sector. Their transparency and efficiency in mining operations, along with their commitment to empowering local communities, make them an invaluable partner."

Sean Intiomale
Managing Director & Group CEO,
Motjuan Commodities & Resources, UAE

"After numerous scams in the commodities market, Axalio has restored my trust. Their platform offers the transparency and reliability essential for safely purchasing large quantities of commodities from the DRC and Zambia, making transactions secure and efficient."

Gary Taylor
McKenzie Trading Limited

"Inspired by Axalio’s vision to transform Africa’s artisanal mining sector through blockchain technology, I fully support their mission. Their approach promises a more equitable and prosperous future, aligning with my passion for innovative and impactful entrepreneurial ventures."

Jeff B. Migolet
Serial Entrepreneur - Founder and Investor, Gabon
About us

Who we are

Emily Johnson
John Lombela
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
I founded Axalio to revolutionize the mining industry by promoting sustainability and ethical practices. My vision is to transform how minerals are sourced globally, ensuring prosperity and respect for both the environment and our workers.
Michael Brown
Dona Lombela
Finance Director & Co-founder
As Co-founder and Finance Director at Axalio, I am committed to driving financial strategies that support our mission of transforming the mining sector. I ensure our investments and financial practices benefit our community partners and stakeholders.
Sarah Williams
Lionel Fabert
Chief Marketing Officer
I am passionate about sharing Axalio's story and impact. My role involves promoting our commitment to changing the mining industry and engaging with our global audience to expand our influence and drive meaningful change.
Christopher Taylor
Alexander Gafoor
Chief Compliance Officer
I ensure that Axalio not only meets but exceeds all regulatory requirements. My commitment is to uphold the highest standards of compliance, safeguarding our operations and reinforcing our dedication to responsible mining practices.
Jessica Martinez
Victor Idumba
Country Manager, Responsible Mining, DRC
Bringing extensive expertise in mining to Axalio, I leverage my knowledge to enhance our operations on the ground. As the main contact in the DRC, I am committed to applying my skills to ensure that our initiatives align with our ethical and sustainable goals, directly impacting the lives and work environments of our miners.
David Wilson
Sam Massaquoi
Advisor Technology FinTech & Blockchain
I joined Axalio to lead technological innovation, developing solutions that enhance transparency and efficiency in mining operations. My role focuses on integrating cutting-edge technologies that align with our mission of sustainable growth.


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